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Store name Japanese craft [Takuminohako]
Company name PICNIC .Ltd
Location 1100005
taito-ku Tokyo Japan G-2 2k540 ueno 5-9-10
Phone number 03-6806-0300
Fax number 03-6862-6746
E-mail address takuminohako@gmail.com
Business hours AM 11:00 - PM 7:00
Available products Japanese traditional handicrafts
Message It is a site that sells products that make Japanese craftsmen to overseas. Are increasing one after another new commodity. This is the site that you want to introduce to overseas friends who are interested in Japan.There is a real store in Tokyo's Akihabara.It is the craftsmanship of Japan wants more and more spread in the world.Craftsmanship of Japan is I want you to spread to the world.